Sunday, April 29, 2007

Closing Rituals

The school year is coming to a close and we're seeking ways to celebrate and mark the transitions... one wonderful idea is to have a tree planting ceremony -- each classroom might also want to do something special. Share ideas, rituals that have worked well in other places, and your thoughts and feelings about the end of the year...

Amazing Auction

The Auction was amazing -- the donations really reflected the incredible talent, creativity and generosity of our community. Thank you to everyone who made it happen!!! Share your "best buys" here -- and someone give us the grand total!!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

NEW AUCTION BLOG! Image of donated vacation getaway to Nova Scotia

The First Annual Silent Auction Brunch - A morning on Mackworth is coming up in just a few weeks. To help spread the word I just created an Friends Auction blog. Send Darlene photos if you have a jpg of an item you are donating. Below is a photo of a vacation getaway in Nova Scotia.

Kathleen's class parents successful meeting

The Parents of the K-1-2 classroom, recently had a very nice and productive meeting to discuss the successes of the year thus far as well as to brainstorm and find ways to continue keeping the channels of communication open and flowing for all, without overwhelming the staff. It has been an busy year for all those involved in making this first year one to remember at Friends School. The teachers, administrators, staff, board members and all the parents who have helped in various capacities deserve a hand for all that has been accomplished. I won't go into detail of all that was discussed at the meeting, but among some highlights were the growing numbers of students and postively changing face of the classrooms, the possible addition of an outdoor classroom, the upcomming survey for parents to fill out (stay tuned), the auction, the upcoming Spring Science piece as we come into Spring, the new classroom structure and I am sure I am forgetting more...Among most of the parents present, affirmations were shared that the community here at Friends is enjoyed at many levels, watching the kids in their very comfortable selves working out their problems diplomatically to finding like minded parents to share our ideas with. And it goes without saying that we have all benefitted from the gift of this island as the location we found Friends at. Peace, Sydney's mom