Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DETOX YOUR TOYBOX - RESOURCES for Parents and Teachers

A teensy preview of tonight's ideas... Nicole says the best way to help kids make healthy choices for their bodies and their land is to take them outside as much as possible (this is a huge paraphrase ~ come tonight to hear her whole message).  Here are a few resources to help us do that: 

The Friends School teachers had a community read of David Sobel's books and Nicole recommends them as a place to start for thinking about when and how to introduce kids to environmental education and activism. 

Four found these cool links: 

I like Roots and Shoots as a resource for thinking about how to engage kids in service/stewarship projects

Eartheasy posted a blog post with lots of links to websites that are supposed to be appropriate for kids interested in learning more about environmental issues

Wisconsin Water Library has some book ideas for kids

What Kids Can Do shares some stories about successful youth environmental activism

If you are more interested in how to decrease environmental health hazards immediately, check out: 

National Institute of Environmental Health Science's pdfs on air and water quality at home and school 

Partnership for Children's Health and the Environment offers a subscription for up-to-date news. 

The Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine has a huge list of fabulous resources 

And, as we start the Halloween -- New Years plastic consumption, consider the New American Dream's website to help us simplify, or use HealthyStuff.org to find out what's safe to buy..