Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quizlet for Spanish

The web site that Annie gave the 5th/6th is here


Audra said...

oh AWESOME! Naomi is a huge fan of the accidental adventures of India MCAllister. I hope Dan can go, as I will be out of town.

Maya said...

Kim, can we put Quizlet up in the Homework Resources tab (I'm not back in gear yet, and it would be technologically challenging for me)? I like the site, and FSP students were using it a few years ago. Annie can make a closed forum so kids who log in stay anonymous, and only show up as the FSP group. I did that way back when, but have no record of what the password was or anything.

Kids can make use the site to generate printable flashcards, upload their own vocabulary lists, use the vocab lists generated by other students, and/or quiz themselves on vocabulary in different formats. I especially like the verb conjugator portion of the site.