Saturday, August 20, 2011

Outing Club 2011-2012 Parent Volunteers Needed

Exciting plans are being made for the 2011-2012 Outing Club - Bookmark this link or click on the Outing Club Tab above for updated information.  Sign-up for activities will be online this year - students must be registered OC members to sign up and parents are always welcome as well!

Parents are needed to support the FSP outing club in several ways!

1) Be in charge of Clynk Bag fundraiser
2) Be in charge or helpful with Tea Creating / Tea Sale
3) Be in charge of Harvest Dinner Planning (w/Nicole)
4) Make soup for Harvest Dinner (sign up soon)
5) Attend / drive for OC events (sign up through eventbrite)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the comments to share more suggestions or indicate your willingness to participate - we're hoping online communication decreases email and allows for greater participation.