Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book if Inner Light

The appreciations offered by teachers and students at the end of the year offer a huge window into what makes FSP special.  Kids and adults have an uncanny ability to put their finger on what is special about each unique individual - -the affirmations are not at all generic or about external qualities but instead capture a flicker of specialness in each person.  It is a wonderful opportunity to see and be seen and is one we should probably bring more intentionally into other parts of our lives.

A friend recently suggested the book 5 Love Languages for Children which helps parents determine how their kids most easily receive love (the book argues we're better at giving messages of love in the style we receive them in but can end up with unintentional missed messages if our child (or partner) speaks a "different language".  There is a little quiz on this web page - might be fun on a boring summer day...

I'd be curious how any of you bring in affirmations in daily life or in ceremonial or ritual ways with your family and if you think the idea that we speak "love languages" makes sense?