Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New thinking about Homework -- works for us!

The NYT has an interesting review of new research on conventional wisdom about homework.  Most reassuring was that kids (and adults) retain information better if they review it in multiple locations rather than studying in the same place all the time.  So, practice multiplication at the beach whenever possible! Although the article did not engage the question about how much homework children should have, it did discuss quality -- homework that pushes us to figure out what problem we're solving, as well as drilling us on the solution, is better than repetition of the same kind of problem.  Big picture, we need to develop the skills and toolbox for diagnosis as well as result.

Our family mainly conducts homework sessions at the kitchen table, with some finishing on the couch, in the car, and probably at school.  These are also the places I tend to do my work, with a little coffee shop thrown in.  How about your kids?  Where will homework get done in your house and when?