Monday, September 13, 2010

Quaker Meeting

I love so many things about FSP but my relationship to Quaker Meeting is particularly special.  We are not a Quaker family and had some reservations about sending our children to a school with a religious affiliation, so in some ways I would say we began our time at FSP despite it being a Quaker school.  Yet attending Quaker meeting (at school)  is now one of the highlights of my week.  Sitting in silence is a discipline and I often find myself having to work at quieting my body and my mind. I see my own children learning techniques for holding the quiet, in themselves and in the group - they already know things about this that I don't.  I feel a tremendous gratitude for the community, because it takes a huge collective effort to be quiet, together.  And then, after all that quiet, we sing! (see lots of the song lyrics on the right - I am particularly fond of "baby ducks").  Today we sang Simple Gifts and it resonated in the room and shaped my perspective on the day.  I highly recommend staying for a Monday morning Quaker Meeting or attending a Friday assembly to see the joy of a preK-8 balancing alone and together and to feel the essence of Quaker Education at play.