Friday, September 16, 2011

Peace One Day - Sunday @ 2 Back Cove Preble Street Entrance

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Leisa Collins said...

Not only were the beautiful September day colors, exercise, and chatter with friends all wonderful parts of yesterday's "Portland Walks for Peace" event, but I was also left with several lasting, and mostly personal, impressions.

...I was struck by the way our second-grader took up a new sense of school pride and interest in participating in this walk, with enthusiasm that was generated for him at school...thank you to all who created that with him!

...I deeply appreciated that he got this special opportunity to watch his upper classmates take an interest, organize, and act for this special cause. He was riveted by Annie's and Madeleine's speaking at the start of the walk, and I hope that he will one day have the same type of courage to give to something he cares about...Annie and Madeleine for President!

...I experienced serendipity to have found the picture book "Why War Is Never a Good Idea" by Alice Walker ( in our Portland library this weekend and read it with our son last evening. It pulls no punches, and you won't find any candy-coating (just beautiful illustrations), but how much more of an impact it had for us after having purposefully focused on peace in the afternoon...

...And, all in one day, I happened on this talk by Jeremy Gilley, founder of the Peace One Day movement, while looking for something else: After watching him, I can see why our 8th graders got inspired by him!

With gratitude and peace,
Leisa Collins, Aidan's Mom