Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A big piece of learning from Books to Bridges

I hope others will take the time to read Annie's blog post "They Don't Get That From Me" where she reviews some of what Professor Krista Aronson presented to us about how kids learn stereotypes and prejudice.  The idea of breaking silence and exploring what kids are learning from the world seems so important for all kinds of issues, race included.  What do they know about sex/gender that might differ from our "everyone's equal" discourse.  What do they know about how we feel about the planet that might differ from our "Protect Mother Earth" bumper stickers. How do we acknowledge the dissonance that children intuit between intention and action in the adult world? How do we shape learning to better engage the hopeful possibilities than reproduce the old patterns because they were left unexamined?

All said more eloquently and concretely on Annie's post :  http://coloringbetween.blogspot.com/