Sunday, October 16, 2011

Singapore Math Gets Praise

Letter: 'Reform' mathematics is not the only answer | The Forecaster
Eva J. Szillery PhD praises Singapore Math, the curriculum used at FSP. She is the Maine State Director of the Mathematical Association of America and shared her views as part of a larger set of letters surrounding Portland Schools process for choosing a math program.

Eva also recently sent out information about opportunities to participate in a National Math Competition:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- PRESS RELEASE Free To Students -- American Mathematics Competitions coming to USM Portland, Husson University and Umaine at Presque Isle NOVEMBER 15, 2011

The American Mathematics Competitions ( AMC ) is the oldest and most prestigious nationwide mathematics competition in the United States. It started in 1950 and it is and has been the exclusive pathway for a student to advance to the USA Mathematical Olympiad. Activities like the American Mathematics competitions organized by the Mathematical Association of America allow and encourage students to excel in an academic sphere. The contest is a rewarding experience where mathematical curiosity and skill are stimulated. AMC is designed to inspire an interest in mathematics that will lead to academic success, scholarship and a rewarding career. Competence in mathematics and mathematical understanding lead to success and an enriched life. For Maine students, The Advanced Structures and Composites Center and DeepCwind Consortium offers a paid internship for the two top scoring high school students of the AMC 10 or AMC 12 Competition. Interns at the UMaine Advanced Structures and Composites Center gain hands on work experience on cutting edge engineering and science programs. Each paid internship is valued at approximately $20,000 for four years.

The competition year starts on November 15th with AMC 8, the competition for grades 4-8. Students may participate at their school, if your school is registered for the competition.If your school is not registered,you may participate at the following locations: Students of age 8 through 14.5 may take AMC 8 at University of Southern Maine in Portland –Payson Smith Hall, Room 303 starting at 1:15 pm. The parents and children may first come to Payson Smith Hall, Room 301A if they arrive before 1:15 pm. Room 301A will be used for a reception/waiting area from 12:45 - 2:30 pm. Parents may wait there for their children to complete the exam. These rooms are adjacent to each other. AMC 8 at these locations is free of charge (the registration has been paid by USM.

Space is limited. If you have a student who’d benefit from participating, please call or e-mail Eva Szillery at