Thursday, November 10, 2011

Looking for Leadership Opportunity?

From Peace Action Maine SOS TO ALL PAM MEMBERS:

We are experiencing a serious drought of both board members and volunteers to carry on the work of PAM. We cannot continue unless we can recruit more board members to guide PAM and volunteers to fill our fund-raising and program development committees. The demise of PAM would mean the end of our annual dinner, which has seen inspiring speakers like Noam Chomsky and Medea Benjamin, and an end to our peace soup booth at The Common Grounds Fair.  It’s up to you to help us continue!

To join our working board or to volunteer for a committee, contact: Jacqui 772-1071
The scent of revolution is in the air. At Peace Action Maine we are using some of Gene Sharps theories to direct the change we wish to see. We are currently working on a full campaign which volunteers can get involved in on many different levels. The main place we need them in this is to use their bodies and voice. A direct action is being planned and will need a chorus of support to make it successful, we are targeting war-profiteers, which is a pillar of support for war. If you wish to help plan or get involved please send an email to