Friday, November 4, 2011

Yet another P4P speaker?

"Developmental psychologist Susan Engel offers an antidote to the anxiety that seems to pervade parenting today." Thus begins an article in the September edition of the Williams College alumni magazine. I have no recollection of why, exactly, I found myself on the Williams website (Wouldn't it be fascinating to track someone's internet wanderings over the course of a week? What leads to what?), but the tease, of course, intrigued me and so I plunged in.

Engel's theories, on the surface, do seem to countermand the parent-induced stress we see in kids every day. I'd like to read the book to see how much sense they make with a little thought invested. In any case, it's yet another stop on the Waiting for Superman/Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother/Race to Nowhere continuum. In our spare time, it might be fun to have a community read every couple of months. Thoughts?