Thursday, December 1, 2011

BPA & Canned Food

Did everyone see this awful report about BPA & canned food -- something to watch out for this winter! 
Tonight there is a celebration for the Environmental Health Strategy Center, the organization working to make policy change around toxins in our food and personal care prodcuts and other stuff.. 

This Thursday we are so glad you will be joining us as a host for our 9th Anniversary Organic Wine and Chocolate Party!

Thursday December 1st 5:30-7:30pm
Rose Contemporary Gallery, Portland

We will be recognizing former executive director of the Maine Women's Policy Center Sarah Standiford with the Second Annual Frank Hatch Environmental Health Leadership Award. As well as honoring one of our founding board members Lael Stegall, and four grassroots leaders who helped win the campaign to phase out the toxic chemical BPA from reusable food and beverage containers in Maine, Jessica Graham, Dana Hernandez, Mary Beth Luce, and Megan Rice.

The event will include a silent auction with a wide variety of fun items, from restaurant gift cards to children's books, that can be great holiday gifts.

Please contact Rachelle with any questions,, 699-5789.


Leisa Collins said...

This makes me crazy...that buying organic chick peas to make homemade hummus may STILL not be a healthy food in our home. I know...I need to cook them myself...which might also require giving up paid work hours. These are hard choices for a generation of parents who were sold the idea that we can participate in the paid workforce and care for a family - because we have modern conveniences!

What percentage of Americans does not understand what is happening to our food supply and is raising the next generation of kids on a lot of additives, antibiotics, BPA, preservatives, etc, etc?...

I am concerned and frustrated by how much defense I have to play in this regard,
Leisa Collins

Kimberly Simmons said...

Leisa - I so totally agree! It is clear to me that we can't individually ever get it right - at the event, they strongly encouraged people to support the Safe Chemicals Act and to call our Senators to ask them to co-sponsor it, because at some level we just need the worst chemicals out of our lives without having to super-shop! (I find the cooking of beans not so bad and they do freeze, but for me it is the ongoing stress of shopping and decision making about every single food)...