Thursday, December 15, 2011

Maine's Budget - a polemic from Kim

Kate's class (Katie's class) proudly decorated cookies and cupcakes and made homemade fudge for the Preble St. Teen Center.  Katie has introduced them to the idea of homelessness and hunger through picture books and they have the righteous sensitivity of young children -- they know that it is wrong that teens should be without a safe place to live or without enough food.  These themes were amplified in a powerful speech by Jill Saxby yesterday at Maine Can Do Better's  rally protesting proposed cuts to Maine's safety net. 

Hear Jill Saxby's entire address
 I am haunted by the idea that 1 in 2 Americans is considered low-income (USA Today story), that our elderly are struggling with hunger and cold, that children's basic needs are not being met and that Maine might continue to balance our budget by cutting services to our most vulnerable.  Kate's class seems to hear the message in such a simple and straightforward way - safe housing and food are basic human rights.  Why can't that message be heard by our Government?

If you're so moved, contact your legislators NOW or consider making a donation to Maine Equal Justice Project who takes leadership on advocacy for low-income Mainers, to the Maine People's Alliance who does community organizing work or to the Maine Hunger Initiative as a direct response to childhood and elderly hunger.