Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School Festivities, Continued

A lovely FSP tradition is for each class to host some kind of gathering to connect families together toward the start of school... some plans are underway, and while point parents are taking the responsibility of coordinating, ALL PARENTS are hugely encouraged to put forward invitations and ideas... the more fun, the better!

  • Preschool has a pool party planned, August 19th 
  • Kindergarten has planned a picnic at Underwood Park on August 14th 
  • 1/2 is planning an Eastern Prom picnic, Aug 21st
  • 3/4 : Park Picnic, tentatively September 15 or 16
  • 5/6 :  Picnic @ Elise's House, August 29th
  • 7/8 :  A marshmallow roast and potluck supper party@Helen's, August 31st
And remember that the whole school picnic is on AUGUST 30th (3:30 - 6:30) 
Also.... Hildy has agreed to lead a yoga session, to help us ease into the transition from summer to fall... Our first Monday after drop-off, more details to come!