Friday, August 3, 2012

Parenting for Peace & Jennifer Bryan

The Parenting for Peace committee is in need of new members!  If you have an interest in social issues relating to kids, education, and community and/or have detail-oriented skills, please let us know!

We are thrilled to be bringing Jennifer Bryan to FSP on October 24th to present findings and resources from her book From the Dress Up Corner to the Senior Prom : Navigating Gender and Sexuality Diversity Pre-K to 12 Schools.

I have ordered a copy of the book for the parent library, or check out this essay for the National Association of Independent Schools which summarizes her perspective.  Also, check out this piece, which connects so well with our 2011 'Books as Bridges' program  (and consider buying a title for your home or for FSP - we will have books for sale at the 10/24 program).

I will soon post a series of links and info by way of introduction to this program... please do let us know if you want to help!

Postcard - Things You Can Do To Eradicate Gender or Multiply It Exponentially - Single

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