Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Political : Charter Schools & Pell Grants

Ken Jones, an Ed. professor @ USM, has a strongly worded op-ed in the PPH regarding charter schools and why they are a bad idea in Maine.  Since my family chooses an independent school, I feel nervous about opposing charter schools, yet the argument he puts forward is compelling. I believe in the importance of a strong public school system, would like to see it better funded and would like to see the negative elements of NCLB rescinded, and am glad to still pay my share of taxes for our public school despite choosing FSP.  And still, I'm really grateful to have FSP to choose and I know that choice isn't available to everyone.  What do others think?

Maine Charter Schools is organizing FOR them the Maine Education Association AGAINST.
And, for those who saw RTN, one of the driving forces behind HS stress seemed to be the cost of college. It is concerning to me, then, that the proposed Federal Budget from the House reduces the maximum individual Pell Grants by 15% (and also cuts a further $56 billion from the program over 10 years, asking that individual grants be reduced while college costs continue to rise).  The proposed budget also makes deep cuts in Head Start and Title I programs -- read more at the NYT