Monday, February 14, 2011

Update on FSP Auction

The FSP auction planning committee met on Wednesday, February 9th. We had a small group in attendance and we made good progress on planning the 5th Annual Silent Auction Brunch. Jennifer Cummings (Board Member and co-chair of the auction committee) and I have been happy with the willingness of the FSP community to be involved with the planning and the number of individuals that plan to volunteer to "work" the event on Saturday, March 26th.
The most important activity to do at this time is the solicitation of donations. As a community, we still need to solicit about $40,000 of donations. This is necessary if we are going to reach our goal of $24,000 gross revenue. Please contribute items to the auction and help solicit additional items from friends, relatives and businesses. All donations need to be submitted by Friday, March 11th to provide the auction committee with enough time to organize the donations in advance of the event.
Please contact me if you have any questions about the FSP auction. My e-mail is My home phone is 865-1057.
Thank You & Best Regards,
David Roussel
Auction Committe Co-Chair
(Pre-school parent - Erica)


Audra said...

Do you have a list of who has been already been asked to donate?

David Roussel said...

The updated list is with John Marble in the main office. We are planning to have an auction bulletin board in the front entrance after February break with lots of auction information.