Sunday, March 13, 2011

Outing club trip - amazing!

NI'm hugely grateful for Nicole's leadership in creating the FSP outing club. Without it, I would not have snowshoed with my daughter,  in potentially inclement weather (turned out beautiful), spent the night with other awesome FSP families, or probably even ever visited the super-cool Maine Huts and Trails.  We had such a great time - can't wait for next year!

The other great thing about the weekend was Nicole's variation on Bananagrams, called "Scrabble Apple" here - I couldn't explain it but I loved playing it!  

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Maya said...

Oh yeah! Let's hear it for Nicole! Outing Club is the best thing that's ever happened to the school (except, of course, for the school itself). Kids get to go away and be leaders, while getting to know teachers and other parents as whole people; parents get to interact with some of their schoolmates' parents in a fun and relaxed way, while also getting to know other people's kids. We all get a stronger community. I'm not exactly sure what Nicole gets out of it, except the fallout from a stronger community (and the fulfillment of that true confession on last year's hut snowshoe that she's always dreamed of running an orphanage...).