Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Disparate Links

Today is my baby's 7th birthday!  Amazing all that happens in the first 7 years, and all that happens in the next 7, too.  Here are a bunch of somewhat dispirit thoughts & links:
  • I'm 1/2 way through Sandra Steingraber's newest book Raising Elijah and am blown away.  If we ever needed a reason to be grateful for the demolition of the playground, her chapter on arsenic, playsets and nursery school politics give it to us!  Highly recommended...(also, see her newest article in Orion about the connection between toxic chemicals and kids learning)
  • Alfie Kohn has a new blog post about parent surveys...what is taken for granted (or what ideas are eliminated) in closed-ended surveys. 
  • The Save Our Schools Maine project has a facebook page - interesting sharing of information about what makes a great education, how to advocate for public schools, etc. The national organization has a fantastic march planned for July.