Monday, May 16, 2011

Parenting for Peace Books & News

Our former Parenting for Peace speakers continue to be prolific and provocative - bookclub, anyone?

Susan Linn - Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood  - in coalition w/other organizations, CCFC recently helped stop Scholastic from partnering on a curriculum that was authored by the Coal industry! See a Susan Linn TedxTalk -- maybe it is time for a second showing of Consuming Kids?

Sandra Steingraber has a new book : Raising Elijah - I have ordered it, would love to read it with others! Maine recently strengthened the Kids Safe Product Act, a bill championed by P4P partners, the NRCM and EHSC

David Sobel's book Wild Play is now available - and sure to remind us that "better a broken bone than a broken spirit" are words to live by, at least some of the time.  Here's a video, as well.

Alfie Kohn - well, Alfie was just here, so we have all his books but I thought this article he linked (on twitter) is of interest, too (by Michael Moore, but a different MM than the one from Flint :)  - The Corporate Connection to the Common Core