Saturday, March 10, 2012

Auction Get-Aways

The Friends School Auction historically provides a mix of fun items and service items and cool trips.  Here are two recommended get-aways!

This year, Maine Huts and Trails have generously donated a night (or two?) at their magnificent huts!  The Outing Club just returned and highly recommends this incredible item -- check out the FlagstaffMonster!

Another get-away is offered by Kripalu - yoga renewal paradise. I accidentally "won" this item last year and was pretty tentative about using it, but upon return I am a Kripalu convert!  The food was incredible, the spot was beautiful and the message that health and wellness are deeply connected to relaxation was well-taken.   Kripalu offers "yoga-breaks" mp3s and videos but there is a magic in leaving home and having others cook!