Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Class Gifts for the Auction

We have a sweet tradition of kids offering items and services to the auction.  Along with individual contributions, each classroom donates a group item... here's the 2012 list!

Preschool - Book Basket of wonderful picture books

K - Photographed portraits of the K-children... get proxy bids for grandparents, aunties and the like and start those bidding contests!

1/2 - Homemade pasta

3/4 - A Maple Themed Basket (thanks, Audra, for the update and YUM!)

5/6 -- Also pretty sure it has a gardening theme  (will someone let me know & I'll update)

7/8 -- Book basket of favorite books ... bringing us full circle!

(Check out this NYT piece on how reading fiction is just like interacting with humans in terms of brain development, except you can do it alone in your bathtub)