Monday, March 19, 2012

Kim's Auction Items

I'd love to post other people's lists!  Send them to me via email or use comments! 

The board was challenged to solicit 10 items... here are mine :

1) 1 week at the Ocean Cliff House  in Stella Maris Bahamas!
2) A late-spring adult improv class with David LeGraffe
3) 2 tickets to the Maine Women's Lobby Fall Gala on 9/22
4) 2 tickets to see Keigwin & Company at the Bates Dance Festival
5) FSP Lunch for a week -- perfect gift for a teacher or student! Ask Lee C. or Jamien for reviews!
6) 1 membership to Portland Ultimate Summer League & 2 Redtide Pint Glasses
7) $25.00 gift certificate to Couleur Collection in Falmouth
8) $20.00 gift certificate to 1 Longfellow Square and a CD by Ellie and Oliver
9) 1 ticket to a Hardy Girls Healthy Women Webinar 
10) COOKIES FOR JAMES - celebrate all James has given to FSP by by commissioning 3 months of "Cookies by Grace" for him!
11) $20 gift certificate to Maine Squeeze Juice Cafe 
12) Feminist Maine Gift Basket

I have a few more ideas in the works - hopefully will get them in under the deadline wire!

How 'bout you?

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