Friday, October 8, 2010

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Reminder about the After School program on Monday’s during the month of November.
“Work & Life Explorations” – for kids in grades 5-8.
Two Questions for you:  (1)  Are your kid(s) likely to participate in this program?  I need an estimate of how many kids will do it.  (2) Are you willing to give a presentation?
Background:  The academic and extra-curricular choices that kids make during teenage years will have an impact on their future careers. Unfortunately, kids often have only a vague idea about work qualifications and activities that working adults do during the day.  This after-school program is for the middle-school kids (5th-8th grade), and we will have a select group of parents come to school to talk about (1) our work dreams and desires when we were kids, (2) how this influenced our high school and college choices, and (3) our first jobs and/or their current work. We may have field-trips to visit various places of work or have a slide show with images about our backgrounds and our current work.  Ideas include architecture, medical professions, entrepreneurship, research scientist, artist, etc. 
Do you have a job/profession that might be interesting to showcase?  If we don’t have a full schedule with exciting demos from you, my presentation would be a 10-15 minute talk with powerpoint photos of the various interesting places I’ve worked and some of the souvenirs that I brought home.

The program meshes nicely with the ancestry discussion in the 7/8 class – what did our ancestors do for work, and how did their family circumstances influence what job choices they had as adults?

Possible speakers as of right now:
            Michael Eng – medical community
            Jill Eng – arts community (dance, acting, theater)
            Brian Farm – biologist / field researcher
            Eric Howard – meeting organizer / facilitator

If the group goes off island, we may also need volunteer drivers for the days when the group goes off-island.