Monday, October 11, 2010

Where to get new book ideas

We've posted a ton of links over the past years... here's my attempt to pull some of them into 1 post -- I'lll add it to the "oft-linked posts" page above.

Amelia Bloomer Project --  Feminist Literature for Birth to Grade 8

American Indians in Children's Literature - a critical resource and blog

Books to help children talk about homelessness-- could be esp interesting for the 1/2/3/4 work with habitat for Humanity

Born to Read -- Book lists from the Maine Humanities Foundation, with monthly themes as well as longer "peaceable stories" and "Many Voices" lists

Chinaberry - a catalog of well chosen children's books, often with a spiritual tilt.

Cooperative Children's Book Center -- thematic book lists and weekly reviews of new books

Cornerstones of Science - Book recommendations  for children, teens and adults on science related topics

Curious City - Kirsten Cappy's blog with many references to Maine Children's Books and book events

CYBILS -- Award lists from children's book bloggers

Good Books - Links to Various book awards for Maine Authors

Jane Adams Peace Society Children's Book Awards -- books that explore peacemaking

Learning to Give - a site with books and lesson plans for instilling philanthropic values in children
Add your ideas on the comments and I'll incorporate them in!

Lee and Low - a publisher of multicultural children's books

Raising Readers -- tips and lists of Maine children's book authors as well as lists for special topics, including dealing with grief, separation and loss, and nutrition.

Quaker Books for children -- a store front and guide to books that introduce Quaker principles to children