Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First ski meet this Thursday!

If it's not, ironically, snowed out (if there's no school, there's no meet), the first Nordic ski meet of the season is this Thursday at Twin Brook Recreation Area, on Tuttle Road in Cumberland -- only ten minutes up Route 1 from school (and turning right to go to the ski meet is so much easier than trying to turn left to go to Portland...). Races start at 3:30(ish) and go until they're done, generally around sunset. All of the meets involve all of the teams from the Portland area, and it's a very fun time; everyone cheers for everyone, and you will run into people you haven't seen since preschool.

So bring your noisemakers (cowbells reign), bring your kids, bring your warm boots, hot chocolate and good cheer. Come root for Sinéad, Cecilia, Tris, and Violet as they put it all on the line for Portland Nordic.