Thursday, January 20, 2011

Social Networking Info Session in Cumberland

Our children are in the midst of a social media revolution – a cultural,
political, and sexual shift that's exploding on mobile devices and social
networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Our kids are using cell
phones and computers to interact on social networking sites, teenagers have the
ability to share information quickly with their peers and networks. Without
proper parental supervision, many of our children may be susceptible to making
poor decisions regarding posting or sharing information online. Many parents
are unaware that their children are making quick decisions about personal
photographs and data that are communicated instantly across the Internet. What
is even more alarming is that few parents have guidelines or practices in place
to create limits and boundaries for their children.

Janet P. Judge, president of Sports Law Associates will discuss with parents the
types of social networking used by kids these days. We will learn how we can
help them ensure that their participation in an online community is a safe and
enriching experience.

Please join us at the Cumberland Congregational Church on Monday, January 31st
at 7:00 pm where we will have a presentation by Janet on Social Networking and
it's ramifications. There will be time afterward for a question and answer
period so, please bring any specific situations you would like to discuss
relating to this topic. Light drinks and snacks will be provided.