Wednesday, January 26, 2011

RTN - a sold out crowd

I'm too tired to sum up the evening, but it was energizing to be with so many concerned and curious parents, teachers and administrators... definitely can't accuse us (as a larger community) of not caring!

If you missed it and want to see the film, or want to send a loved one, it is being shown again at Cape Elizabeth High School on Monday February 7th

Hoping we can someday talk about pressure vs. internal motivation; overwhelming amounts of content vs. core knowledge; too much homework vs. importance of practice; the role of play in human development beyond Kindergarden; what the heck to do about High School and all the rest... at least we have Alfie coming...


Maya said...

It's not just content vs. core knowledge, but how we are (not) supporting our children in learning the executive skills to cope in an exclusively content-driven academic world, when that part of their brain does not mature until their mid-20s.

It was very odd going straight from RTN (and a comment that I was very frustrated rambled and did not say what I set out to say) to the SOTU address last night, with Obama urging more Race to the Top strategies, then to an admissions event this morning in which test scores and number of AP classes were held up as signs of academic excellence. It's so confusing!

Obviously different kids thrive on different kinds of input/output scenarios, but I suspect that for most kids it is a mixture that depends largely on how they're wired and what motivates them. Does it all boil down to who is brave and energetic enough to forge a different path for each child?

Quote of the day: Being yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Kimberly Simmons said...

I don't know, Maya - I think some of it has to boil down to adults taking on social and cultural change to create a healthier world for all children... more on that soon :)