Friday, January 7, 2011

Responding to the Executive Order

I'm curious about others thoughts about how to respond to Governor LePage's executive order giving permission / requiring State agencies to inquire (selectively) about our immigration status.  At this moment in economic history, it seems to me to be cruel to suggest that we should not be providing all children with food, all families with heat, all sick people with health care.  And how do we teach our children to be inclusive with each other while legitimizing a distribution of resource predicated on exclusivity?  And how do find our voice to talk about the complexity of these questions without reducing ourselves to shrill caricatures -- where is the space for digging in, sitting in silence, and taking action (inquiry, reflection, action) as citizens and adults?

Momentarily, Robert Shetterly will unveil a portrait of Gerald Talbot as part of his Americans Who Tell The Truth Project (at the Portland Public Library at noon).  I hope we can find a way to create space within our school community to discern our own truths and take action for the sake of our and all children (and ourselves).