Thursday, April 7, 2011

Architalx & Creating Happy Neighborhoods

As a sociologist, I am drawn towards thinking about the world structurally - how do external factors shape our internal lives? I am not a visual person, but in some ways thinking about social structures is similar to thinking about design -- in other ways, totally different.  Craig is a much more aesthetically oriented thinker, and currently serving on the board of Architalx - a speaker series that brings internationally appreciated architects to Maine.   To prepare for tonight's lecture by Andrew Freear, we watched an amazing movie- " Citizen Architect"  -  about the founders of "Rural Studio" : - a program that brings interesting architecture to low income housing in rural areas.    [There is another film, called "Rural Studio" that we haven't yet seen.] 

Related cool idea:

Yes Magazine : How to Design Neighborhoods for Happiness

Design Principles for Child & Nature - a series of posts from the Cleveland Botanical Garden, based on David Sobel's work (Sobel's book of same title)

The Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston has some great April Vacation programs 
including :

April 30, 2011
Saturday , 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Tickets: Free (pre-registration is required)
KidsBuild!-ICA City 2011
Join the ICA and our partners The Boston Society of Architects in creating a model city—made by kids--on the stage of the ICA’s theater. Have fun while learning about architecture and design and building neighborhoods from the ground up.  *Pre-registration is required for this event only and will begin in mid-to-late March 2011. Check the website for registration forms and details. Sorry, we cannot accept phone registrations. The activity takes a minimum of 2 hours and is recommended for children aged 6 or older with adults.