Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gifted Kids and Multiple Intelligences

One thing I love about Quaker Education is the idea that if we find seek the light in each of us and in each child, we can bring out the innate gifts we all have (and then also provide the skills and info needed to compensate for our weaknesses, through stronger self-knowledge and through basic skills).  Seeing the unique gifts in our children isn't always easy (although sometimes they make passions known clearly, strongly and definitively).

Here is a cool resource for kids with "fast brains" or who might be considered profoundly gifted in cognitive ways.  The Davidson Institute provides a ton of info for educators and parents, and also special opportunities for kids themselves (they have to qualify).Another good site is

Another great opportunity for educators comes from Harvard's Project Zero Summer Institutes - the work that stems from Gardner's work on Multiple Intelligences.  How can we value the range of gifts kids bring to the world - not just academic - and how can we build the multiple intelligences of all our children.

In Maine, there is a facebook page for Educators of Gifted and Talented that has some resources, and an organization that puts on an annual conferences, shares resources, etc.

I Am Not a Short Adult!: Getting Good at Being a Kid (A Brown Paper School Book) by Marilyn BurnsAnd 'cause I love books so much --  recommendations for early /precocious readers, books for kids that address giftedness itself, for budding perfectionists : Be A Perfect Person in Just 3 Days, and an oldie but a goody: I Am Not a Short Adult!