Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boys to Men is an organization that supports some of the most fundamental goals that we share as parents -- creating a community where boys can grow as full people and in a way that allows them to develop into healthy adults.  Programs like "Boot Camp for New Dads" and "RSVP"  encourage men of all ages to become community leaders, participatory caregivers and feminist allies for boys and girls, men and women. The Boys to Men vision:

  • Boys and men are loved and valued for who they intrinsically are without regard to arbitrary cultural stereotypes of masculinity, femininity, and gender roles
  • All boys have the opportunity to develop into healthy men, supported by adult mentors who model healthy masculinity and respectful, nonviolent relationships
  • The absence of violence and fear frees all people to be caring and productive members of society.  

Please celebrate spring and the growth of Boys to Men at this fun event -- pre-registration is greatly appreciated as the organizers need to plan food, etc. 

Hope to see you there, Kim