Thursday, April 7, 2011

Super cool technology

I am at the ACME conference for media literacy - much to share - this session, though, is about how to USE the internet (instead of shield from it, which is also a noble goal).

I'd never heard of Glogger before - it is a "poster" making site that allows people to combine images, voice, video (from internet or home) and text.  I know I'll have fun making a Glog (and posting it here) - I'm sure I'll face challenges knowing how long to let Grace play before it is too much screen time.

I had heard of Voice Threads, because of my brilliant friend Sara, but have never used them.  Can't be sure how they'd be useful but again the chance for fun (where people could call a # and leave a voice comment instead of writing). 

We all love YouTube (although I think it might be blocked @ FSP) but I'd never heard of Quietube - video without distraction - blocks the sound, comments, etc. so a youtube can be playing as part of a presentation

Blipsnips breaks videos into second chunks - can put tags at specific points to be able to easily watch clips or ask students to specifically address particular blips and snips - can enter text to direct attention to particular parts (will post an example someday!)  Universal Subtitles allows you to add captions and subtitles into youtubes.

3 new ways to create videos from our home computers... (xtranormal movie maker (does end up costing $$)  goanimate and stupeflix video maker)

Weebly -a website and blog maker (very easy, according to very tech-savvy presenter)

Tumblr - a combo of blogging and twitter

Can't get my head around this - Google Search Stories - (help see what comes up with google searches)

So much amazing info in just 90 minutes - could learn about this for hours - and if I had time/money, would, at Summercore!