Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From Institute for Humane Education

We invite you to sign up this week for our online course, Raising a Humane Child, and gain skills and support for bringing the tools of humane education to your parenting. Starts April 9! Learn more and register.

As our children's first and most important teachers, parents have an important opportunity to start building pathways to kindness and compassion for people, animals, and the earth, starting when children are very young.  

To help nurture compassionate children, there's a lot we can do, including:
  • model a message of compassion for our families;
  • build reverence through daily observation and connection with the natural world;
  • read and tell stories that show compassion and care for others;
  • gently guide their choices & help them think critically;
  • provide them with opportunities to help others. 
We hope to see you in the course! 

Warmly, Amy

Amy Morley, Director of Operations
Institute for Humane Education
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