Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Resources for talking with kids about friendship problems

Why come hear Michael Thompson (May 2nd @ 7pm USM's Hannaford Hall) talk about Best Friends / Worst Enemies?

Because strong social ties and friendships are linked with health and well-being to the extent that a good friend is as important as broccoli and wearing your seatbelt! (Listen to The Importance of Building Social Connections).  Yet figuring out how to form and maintain healthy relationships while maintaining an independent-self is hard work.  People are different so there is no cookie-cutter approach to friendship (thank goodness) but there are strategies and skills that kids can benefit from learning. 
  • Books That Heal recently suggested the film Chrissa Stands Strong as an opening to discussion about how to navigate teasing and bullying (and why not to treat others that way).  She has a lot of other suggestions for using books to open up conversations about relational aggression.