Monday, April 2, 2012

Inclusion, Identity, Community

I mentioned, in Quaker Meeting this morning, that Andre Robert Lee is coming to visit FSP today and later will share his story... I said that the underlying query is about inclusion -- what is it to feel at home in a place and for whom is it easier and what can we do to make FSP truly inclusive of all of us... but as soon as I finished, I realized that isn't the essence of the query - instead, the harder underyling question is about if  it is  possible to hold multiple "homes" at once.  If kids give over to belonging at FSP are there places they no longer fit?  Is it harder to play in their neighborhoods or to join a district sports team or even to just fit in to conventional society?  For whom are these losses really meaningful and sorrowful (and for whom are they just part of the process of identity development)?  What strategies do kids employ to maintain multiple homes and multiple identities?

These are some of the questions we'll get to think and talk about tonight - I'm looking forward to it!