Thursday, May 24, 2012

The 1/2 goes to college

Katie's class has been studying rocks and minerals and they are both jazzed and experts. Today they had their first University course and they rocked the house!  They knew so much -- so much more than me -- and they were so curious.  I shared with Katie that they were collectively more enthusiastic about learning than my college students and I think she should be quite proud of her learners!  I am also grateful to Prof. Mark 

I was a bit bemused that despite my endless efforts, the hypothetical dinosaurs were always "he" -- what's a feminist mom to do?

Front Cover
Katie mentioned that kids have learned a ton from the Magic School Bus book about rocks; thinking maybe it is this one? 

Ask one of them about their favorite mineral - there are a lot of cool ones to choose from! And above : have you ever wondered what is inside those rocks in the garden?