Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Parents Do... (among other things) - EDITED

In preparation for the parents reflection & planning meeting on June 5th (1 - 3,  talk to your point parent for directions and details!) I'm trying to create a list of genuine and quasi "traditions" -- please consider using comments to share your thoughts on what should be added, deleted or changed!  These are NOT school sponsored events (like potlucks and plays) but instead are parent initiated events.

Would it help to have a sense of classroom based traditions/parent involvement expectations too?

Monthly/Variable : Parent Forums, Chaperoning Field Trips, Movie Nights, Assemblies

Summer - Playdates & Parties
Families Invited : garden club, stories by the garden, camp 

August - Class based parties, back to school picnic/meet the teacher

September :  Curriculum Night, 7/8 camping trip, possible OC fall trip
Parents Invited : Potluck & Contradance

October :  Wolfe's Neck Trip (largely 2nd grade and younger) & Teacher Appreciation Lunch on
In-Service Days;  Parenting for Peace, Outing Club Harvest Dinner

November : Close Buy

December :  Hat Sale (not this year), Middle School Dance, Winter Solstice (8th & preschool)

January : Middle School started weekly skating, sometimes
Parents Invited to Winter Concert and Potluck

February :  Love Swap, Lasagna Sale (8th grade)

March :   Auction (heavily parent dependent),  Teacher Appreciation Lunch
Parents invited : 7/8 play and dessert potluck

April :

May : New Family Reception, Parenting for Peace, 8th grade trip
Families invited : Grandfriends Day

June : Teacher Appreciation Lunches

Any ideas for raising $, raising fun, raising the roof?