Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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-- Audra found this Lisa Belkin article "Parenting and the Zen of Roller Coaster Riding" reminiscent of Michael Thompson's suggestion that kids need to do their own work of growing up, but compassionate that we parents are constantly developing in relation to our parenting-identities and relationships as well.

-- Here's kind of a fun spin-off of the Myers-Briggs test for kids... it is interesting to consider how much personality is fixed vs. a set of skills and preferences and how various temperaments mesh and conflict in families and groups.  There are free tests for grown-ups online too but maybe it would be a fun forum or fundraiser to have a workshop with a trained person next year at school?

Susan Cain, author of "Quiet" shares her understanding of the power of introverts in this Ted Talk

-- Check out this fun braincap

Ellen McHenry is the artist behind this and she offers a ton of awesome downloads for educators... can't wait to explore her site

O Magazine has a piece on resilience this month that spoke to me  (but I can't find the link) - - there is something about all the endings that happen in May in a school-based life that can make me anxious.  As cliched as it is, Oprah suggests Yoga and this summer I'm going to try it -- (Tuesdays @ 4:30 at Prince Memorial Library if anyone wants to join me...)

Jack Kornfield quote
From O online :  Illustration: Jennifer Troyer
Published on May 17, 2012