Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Be Here Now...

This is the kind of conversation we'd love to sponsor with FSP's spring P4P series :

"Where is there a meeting point between being connected, and being well?"  (from DML Research Hub)

The Presence Project
Be Here Now Box:  "In a time of continuous partial focus, the attention–and intentions–of millions of young people who will be shaping tomorrow’s world deserves addressing. We’ve created this tacklebox-like toolkit to help families reconnect around their passion projects:"

from presence-project.com

"This project is all about inviting families to find alternate ways of interacting in a time when all of us are very apt to jump on our computers or our
phones during shared family time..."
Their web site offers some wonderful prompts and resources...

Also : Geek Dad's take

And where I learned about it : the DML Research Hub blog post / video 

What items would you add to your own Be Here Now box? Share your
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