Friday, September 14, 2012

Making Stuff Happen at FSP

An awesome parents organizing lunch yielded a conversation about how things happen at FSP.  In past parent meetings it was decided that there would not be a strong governing parent group, but rather a group of facilitators, or point parents, who could assist with communication and community building.  That means that the work of doing things to support our kids, our classrooms, our community and FSP as an institution is on all of us... if you've got a great idea or are wanting to get a ball rolling, here are some suggestions...

If you have an idea for an after school activity.... talk to Billy

If you have an idea for development / fundraising... talk to Rob, Jenny or John

If you have an idea for a class get-together... talk to your point-parent or just throw it out to the group

If you have an idea for a whole-school event... talk to your point-parent, Kim or Stacie, Jen or Jenny... big ideas usually cycle through to the administrative team and are checked against the school calendar and require that the initiator have some ummph for enacting the event.

If you have an idea for an item to be included in the ebulletin, newsletter or for admissions or media for FSP... talk to Jen

If you have an idea for an all school assembly... talk to Lee, Jonathan, Christina or  Pete

If you have an idea for a field trip, an awesome addition to the classroom, etc. ... talk to your teacher

In the past, parents have initiated a holiday "hat sale",  a kids craft making party, a Matt Loosigian concert, Stories by the Garden, the Parenting for Peace lecture series, Contra Dancing at the potluck (or perhaps that idea came from a teacher), the blog (and it wasn't me :), the summer program, food for teachers at the end of the year, parent forums, Wolfe's Neck trip on October in-service day, Tea Parties on the Cricket sidelines, parent-kid soccer tournaments, X-Country Team, Close Buy... Within classrooms, parents have done so much more... so if you have an idea and a little organizing ummph please feel hugely invited to make it happen!