Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From the Maine Youth Action Network

 Some young Mainers are working to support youth interested in environmental activism to network and learn from each other. First Here, Then Everywhere (FHTE), a network for youth environmentalists, was the brainchild of Lincoln Academy (Newcastle, Maine) student Chloe Maxmin. She and her friend Alex Hadik, both members of Lincoln Academy's Climate Action Club (recently a Best Buy Community Impact Challenge grant winner,and featured on MYAN's Stories from Maine page!), are now partnering to form GoDu Networks to build on the ideas of FHTE and create a more dynamic space for young advocates for the environment to network, get inspired, and find resources.
Chloe & Alex are looking for youth to test out the new site. Interested? Contact Chloe at or Alex at

In the meantime, in addition to the things First Here, Then Everywhere & GoDu can offer, MYAN can also help connect you to weblinks to help you go green, and you can network with others interested in this topic through our Think Global networking group (you'll need to be signed in as a member to access this group).

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