Friday, April 30, 2010

Questioning the idea of 21st Skills

I thought this essay was an interseting response to the idea of the importance of 21st Century skills... this would be such a great conversation for us to have, somehow...

The Klingenstein Brief describes:

Senechal makes a compelling case for the need for schools to sometimes be "out of step" with their times so that educators can ensure that in their efforts to keep up with technology, to embrace innovation, and to cope with massive and unrelenting change, they don't lose sight of the content and traditional ways of learning and teaching that are the bedrock of our best secondary schools and universities. A blend of thoughtful innovation and conservation of the best of past practices may actually be the "most daring education reform of all."

I wonder what true 21st C. skills are?  A blend of weeding, food preservation and elegant-twittering?