Sunday, April 11, 2010

Playful Cities USA

Kaboom, which I mentioned in the earlier post, also has a community organizing kit and application for "playful cities" which pledge resources toward creating spaces for free play.  The closest one to us is Shirley, MA.  I am not well connected in local politics -- I wonder if Portland or Falmouth or even my home town of Cumberland would want to become a Playful City?

From Kaboom:

Becoming a Playful City USA community

Communities become Playful City USA communities by meeting five commitments.
  1. Create a local play commission task force [More]
  2. Design an annual action plan for play [More]
  3. Conduct a playspace audit of all publicly accessible play areas [More]
  4. Identify current spending on capital projects and maintenance of playspaces [More]
  5. Proclaim and celebrate an annual "KaBOOM! Play Day" [More]
Attention citizens: Get started in getting your community recognized by forming a play committee!


Audra said...

Kim- I haven't looked fully at the site yet, just a couple of photos...but I am remembering some studies/philosophies that talk about the richer play scenarios that work out when there are not designated structures (probably from the Reggio Emilia pre-k N. attended) & more free spaces vs. man-made structures. I can't wait to read/hear more about the conference you attended.

Ben said...

Thrilled to hear you're interested in the Playful City USA program! We'd love to work with folks from Portland AND Falmouth AND Cumberland that are interested in seeing their city recognized as a Playful City USA

Ben said...

Please drop me a line at bduda(at)kaboom(dot)org and we can arrange a time to talk this week

Thanks for being a champion for play, look forward to speaking with you!