Sunday, April 11, 2010

Playful Cities USA

Kaboom, which I mentioned in the earlier post, also has a community organizing kit and application for "playful cities" which pledge resources toward creating spaces for free play.  The closest one to us is Shirley, MA.  I am not well connected in local politics -- I wonder if Portland or Falmouth or even my home town of Cumberland would want to become a Playful City?

From Kaboom:

Becoming a Playful City USA community

Communities become Playful City USA communities by meeting five commitments.
  1. Create a local play commission task force [More]
  2. Design an annual action plan for play [More]
  3. Conduct a playspace audit of all publicly accessible play areas [More]
  4. Identify current spending on capital projects and maintenance of playspaces [More]
  5. Proclaim and celebrate an annual "KaBOOM! Play Day" [More]
Attention citizens: Get started in getting your community recognized by forming a play committee!