Saturday, April 10, 2010

Places to Play

Corie and I had an amazing time at the CCFC conference -- I'll be posting about it for a long time, I think.  One overarching theme resonated with Susan Linn's talk last year - pretend play is essential for children's development and health, as is time outdoors. 

There are some really cool people and organizations working to reinstate play in kids lives.

Kaboom -- a nonprofit working on community playspaces - has a database of places to play all over the country and ideas for how to create new playspaces.

Playscapes -- a blog with pictures and descriptions of cool play spaces all over the world.

Peaceful Playgrounds -- all this seems to be a for-profit company, they have a lot of info about the importance of play at school

Portland Maine's own "places to play" map - (a pdf)  / website