Saturday, April 10, 2010

Places to Play

Corie and I had an amazing time at the CCFC conference -- I'll be posting about it for a long time, I think.  One overarching theme resonated with Susan Linn's talk last year - pretend play is essential for children's development and health, as is time outdoors. 

There are some really cool people and organizations working to reinstate play in kids lives.

Kaboom -- a nonprofit working on community playspaces - has a database of places to play all over the country and ideas for how to create new playspaces.

Playscapes -- a blog with pictures and descriptions of cool play spaces all over the world.

Peaceful Playgrounds -- all this seems to be a for-profit company, they have a lot of info about the importance of play at school

Portland Maine's own "places to play" map - (a pdf)  / website


Audra said...

Thanks for going Kim! Can't wait to hear more details.

Maya said...

Portland Trails (Laura Newman, and the Portland Parks Department (Jeff Tarling in particular) are pretty on top of this. They, and others, formed the Schoolground Greening Coalition seven or eight years ago and have had several conferences on the subject and a minigrants program to support green playgrounds, school gardens, and the like. They'd be the people to contact if you wanted to see what's happening/what's next/what else can be done.